Three city condemnation cases put on hold

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Three city condemnation cases put on hold

Slidell news bureau

SLIDELL – Three potential condemnations by the Slidell City Council all got a reprieve at its recent meeting due to different circumstances faced by property owners or their heirs.
Slidell continues to work on cleaning up homes in the city limits, most of which are still uninhabitable due to Hurricane Katrina damage that occurred almost 12 years ago.
Nonetheless, the City Council members have consistently been patient with homeowners in any situation where there appears to be an effort to restore the house to a livable situation.
The home at 2850 Harris St. received a building permit that was sought by the property owner on Jan. 5, 2017. But the permit was ready to expire at the end of March, bringing the matter to a head at the recent council meeting where the condemnation process was set to resume.
Councilman Glynn Pichon said he spoke with the family and they had faced difficulty obtaining funding, but now were ready to start working on the home. The family was given extra time to seek a new permit and start the renovation work.
At 3785 Brookwood Dr., Leland Landry Jr. came before the council after several previous appearances, trying to deal with what was called a “complex succession” case. City Attorney Bryan Haggerty said that Landry had been working with the city as best he can and had kept the property cleaned and maintained, but still was trying to get clear title to do the work on the home.
Councilman Val Vanney issued a list of requirements for him to ask the council to hold off on condemnation, including “maintaining the property, cutting down the rotting tree in the backyard, replace the front door within 45 days” and to seek a permit as soon as the succession was clear. He was given 12 months to work on the problems, but Vanney said “we hope to see this get going in 60 days.”
Property owner Tom Stanley has also faced some problems moving forward in renovating a property at 321 Cousin St. because it sits in the Slidell Historic Preservation District where any potential work must be reviewed by that city committee.
The group was expected to meet in days and Stanley was ordered to appear at the meeting along with Building Inspector Joe France and City Engineer Eric Lundin. He is expected to be back at the April 11 meeting to see what the next steps will be.

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