Slidell chiropractor helps ‘keep people moving’

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Slidell chiropractor helps  ‘keep people moving’

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SLIDELL – Dr. Matt Laudun understands the statistics today about how many Americans are settling into sedentary lifestyles.
“With technology—our phones, our computers, the TV—it’s so easy to sit on the couch at the end of the day,” he said.
“But we were designed to move and that’s what keeps you from feeling the effects of age,” he said. “There really should be no limitations from age–the barriers are in the mind.”
Laudun, born and raised in Slidell, is now the main chiropractor at the LA Health Solutions office off Old Spanish Trail that was started by Dr. Lyle Schween in 1996. Utilizing the proactive approach to health and fitness that Schween created in his practice that began with Schween Chiropractic in 1993, there are now five LA Health Solutions offices in Southeast Louisiana.
Laudun, 30, is passionate about helping patients so they can “have a pain free, fluid motion. I approach all our patients as athletes, I just modify treatment to optimally meet their needs.”
Laudun’s approach to helping people through chiropractic techniques is to find a way to remove any problems with the nervous system that are keeping an individual from doing what they want.
“You have to remember that any symptoms you feel in your body are there for a reason. There is an interference in your nervous system and we want to find it and eliminate it, whether you are an athlete on the field or an elderly person doing your normal daily chores,” he explained.
Laudun’s reference to athletes is because it was his earlier success on the football field that played a part in becoming a chiropractor. After graduating from Slidell High in 2005 he went to LSU and walked on to make the team.
Laudun played two years for Coach Les Miles as a defensive tackle and even though heading to college with thoughts to be a pediatrician, it was the college football atmosphere that guided him into chiropractic medicine.
“I loved the professionalism of the training staff at LSU and the quality of care they provided for the team,” he said. “I began to feel that being a chiropractor would be a good fit for me.”
During one summer he applied at Schween’s office to intern, where he saw the approach that connected with him.
“Dr. Schween is what I call a Jedi chiropractor,” Laudun said with a laugh. “Chiropractic is an art form and I have been fortunate to apprentice while still in school with someone who showed me the real life applications of chiropractic care that goes beyond the books.”
LA Health Solutions goes further than most chiropractic clinics in analyzing patients who come in with movement limitations. While not all patients need a full blood work-up, there is an option for lab work to evaluate a patient and understand their situation as completely as possible. Vitamins and mineral supplementations are also options available if needed.
“The goal for our patients is to improve their quality of life and remove any physical barriers from the movement they want to have,” Laudun said. “The human body is a machine we are built to move. Without movement our most basic bodily functions will begin to degrade. It’s my job to find not only the problem but the cause.”
LA Health Solutions has partnered with many of the the area orthopedic doctors and surgeons to provide a multidisciplinary approach using the most conservative measures possible.
The clinic also offers some extraordinary technology and equipment with Cervical and Lumbar Decompression Therapies, a Class IV Deep Tissue Laser and Ultrasound Therapy.
“The Deep Tissue Laser is approved for us to work on National Football League Alumni Association members and its amazing how much it can help with acute or chronic pain relief,” he added.
Laudun was very active at Slidell High as class president in his junior and senior years, growing up one of four boys in his family. He obtained his four-year degree in Kinesiology in 2009 from LSU, then went to Palmer College for his Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine.
Once he connected with Schween’s practice in Slidell as his first opportunity to work in a chiropractic office he was intent on returning to Schween after finishing his chiropractic degree in Florida.
He said the approach at LA Health Solutions has made it easy to continue improving the acceptance of chiropractors for safe, non-surgical, drug free treatment to overcome pain and movement issues.
“Louisiana was the last state to license chiropractors so I knew I faced somewhat of an uphill battle when I began to practice,” he said. “But it’s a proud feeling to come back home and provide care for the community that I know and love.”
La. Health Solutions is located at 56634 Bosworth St., just off Old Spanish Trail. They can be reached at 985-641-2222 or by visiting


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