Premier Tax opens door for one-stop Slidell shop

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Premier Tax opens door for one-stop Slidell shop

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SLIDELL – Rhett Sabadie knows there are plenty of tax preparation businesses out there.
But a new partnership with his father, well-known Slidell businessman Chuck Sabadie, is bringing an entirely new approach to the services offered to the public.
Premier Tax Solutions recently held a grand opening at its new Olde Towne location, across the street from the post office at 1929 Second St. The site will soon be a one-stop-shop for tax services, accountant services, college funding information, financial services and more.
The father-duo team will combine traditional tax preparation services from Rhett Sabadie with other retirement and financial services offered by Chuck Sabadie, plus other experts. At this early time of the year the tax preparation services are being focused on with Rhett having over 10 years of experience handling business and individual returns.
One thing that will make them different is that Premier Tax is going the way of technology by utilizing the internet to have tax returns and financial services handled by a multitude of other experienced personnel as well. Any information needed to be processed will be scanned into the cloud and processed by any number of return and financial service specialists.
Chuck Sabadie has years of experience developing businesses that offer a wide variety of financial services, particularly focusing on key needs such as teacher retirement, preparation for senior citizen retirement needs, planning for possible assisted living needs, assisting parents with college tuition costs, and the traditional financial services offered across the board.
With one of his four children, Rhett, earning both Marketing and Accounting degrees at LSU and working in Tangipahoa Parish with a CPA license, his father was considering a new business where the two could work together.
Premier Tax Solutions was born and will not only handle tax returns of all kinds, but offer financial planning services as a complimentary service.
“Quite honestly, the work can be completed anywhere, although we still have our store front in Slidell,” Rhett said. “And all your personal information is still positively secure. But this way of doing things keeps our overhead low so we can pass the savings along to our clients.”
Rhett added that “your tax person and your financial planner are almost never the same person. But we want to change that and have them speak the same language when it comes to your finances and your taxes.”
Chuck said it is a natural thing to look at the tax liability an individual or business has, and then look at their overall financial situation to see how they can reduce their tax liability.
Rhett, 32, is making a fast run at his father in terms of gaining experience in the field. Not only did he follow up his initial Marketing Degree by returning to school and adding the Accounting Degree, but he had the 150 hours of classes needed to immediately sit for the CPA Exam that he passed in 2011.
“I have always been good at crunching numbers,” Rhett said. “I got the Marketing Degree initially, but knew I liked working with numbers so I went back for the Accounting Degree.”
He worked as a project engineer for an oil and gas company for five years after college since he was presented with many options with the two degrees.
Then he settled in Tangipahoa Parish working in tax preparation and accounting services before he began talking with his father about the new venture in Slidell, something the two had tried together over 10 years ago, only to get sidelined by Hurricane Katrina.
“What we will be able to do is show you parts of your tax return we can improve on with changes in your personal financial situation,” Rhett explained. “If your strategy is different it can benefit you all the way to retirement and lower your tax liability now.”
As for handling tax returns, Rhett said his personal practice has focused on a close relationship with their clients since day one.
“We are there before, during and after your return is being taken care of,” he said. “We have the kind of CPA service that you can call and ask questions to, but you aren’t billed for every minute we spend with you.”
Chuck will be there to meet each and every client in face-to-face meetings. He added that Premier Tax will continue to offer a much-needed service of recommending ways for college bound students to get assistance filling out the FAFSA forms (required college entrance forms to get grants and financial assistance.)
“I have become certified in the FAFSA forms and can help any parent do them,” Chuck said. “I think many parents would be surprised to see how we help you get the maximum financial assistance possible.”
Rhett graduated from Holy Cross High School after the Sabadie family moved to Slidell when he was in the eighth grade. After graduating in 1997 he went on to LSU and is now married with four daughters.
“This is a business arrangement, but it’s an opportunity to work with my dad,” Rhett said.
Chuck added “we are both gaining a lot of experience and want to leave a legacy for others in the family. This will allow us to do that.”
For more information on Premier Tax Solutions, call 985-201-8431 or e-mail to

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