McNulty, Bartley, McBride, Farria earn SPD honors

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McNulty, Bartley, McBride, Farria earn SPD honors

SLIDELL – Four individuals were honored with the Slidell Police Department this week as Chief Randy Fandal handed out annual awards for top service in the past 12 months.
Named Officer of the Year was Detective T.J. McNulty, Reserve Officer of the Year was Sgt. Shaun Bartley, Employee of the Year was Hillarie McBride and School Traffic Crossing Officer of the Year was Terry Farria.
Officer of the Year
T.J. McNulty
Prior to working at the Slidell Police Department, McNulty was in the United States Coast Guard. In 2008, McNulty began his career at the Slidell Police Department as a patrolman, and, in 2014, was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division, where he was assigned to the Burglary/Property Crimes Unit.
In 2016, McNulty cleared 146 burglaries, arrested 49 people and issued over 30 warrants. In addition to his investigative duties, McNulty is one of the lead defensive tactics instructors at the Slidell Regional Police Academy.
McNulty is a member of the Slidell Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), and Dive Team. In addition, he is a task force officer with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). McNulty’s professional and supportive role, not only to the Criminal Investigations Division, but to the entire Slidell Police Department, is one of the many reasons he was chosen to be the 2016 Officer of the Year, Fandal said.
Reserve Officer of the Year
Sergeant Shaun Bartley
Bartley distinguished himself in 2016 by contributing hundreds of volunteer hours and accepting a promotion as Team B platoon leader within the Reserve Division. He is often designated as officer in charge at public events in Slidell, where police protection is provided.
Prior to joining the Reserve Division, Bartley joined the Slidell Police Department in 2006 as a fulltime police officer. After a few years, Bartley transferred to the Crime Scene Unit, where he learned the skills and techniques of crime scene processing.
After obtaining his Master’s Degree from Louisiana State University, Bartley began working for the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Finance Center and requested to remain a member of the Reserve Division.
Prior to joining the Slidell Police Department, Bartley was in the United States Marine Corps, and a member of HMX-1, the helicopter squadron responsible for transporting the President of the United States, The Vice President of the United States and other VIP personnel.
Employee of the Year
Communications Officer Hillarie McBride
A Communication Officer for less than two years, McBride demonstrates the qualities you would expect from senior dispatchers: remain calm and think officer safety first.
In July 2016, McBride answered the 911 line and heard a caller tell her he had been drinking and had a knife to his own throat. Over the next several minutes, McBride spoke with the caller while she attempted to triangulate his location. Patrol officers located the caller sitting in his vehicle with a knife to his throat. McBride convinced him to toss the knife out of the truck, her actions allowing for the caller to seek the help he needed.
School Traffic Control
Officer of the Year- Terry Farria
In August 2011, Farria began his career with the City of Slidell as a School Traffic Control Officer. Each day, and unmoved by the weather, Farria reports to work, stands in the middle of the street, and ensures that our city’s youth gets to school safely.

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